“I am the God of thy father”

Exodus 31:1-8

“I am the God of thy father.” God knows our fathers. God knows your father, God knew Moses’ father. “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” Why was God so particular to mention Moses’ father? God knew Moses’ father was a man of God, full of faith. By faith the parents of Moses hid him three months against the law of Pharaoh. If they were not people of faith, Moses would have been meat for the crocodiles. There are many crocodiles in this world which destroy the souls of children. But many parents are careless. Many children are in the power of the devil because of the carelessness of the parents. Their one desire is to gather money in this world.

Moses’ father was a praying man. Instead of being thrown into the river Nile, the prayer of his father threw him into the palace of Pharaoh. It was a place where the best learning of those times was available.

Satan is reigning in this world. His one desire is to see you destroyed. John 10:10″The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Satan wants to destroy your children. He wants to destroy them during their teens. When their faith in Christ is destroyed they are as good as dead. When those who do not study the Word of God are the elders of churches, faith cannot grow there. So children’s faith is destroyed before they grow into manhood and before they enter married life.

God wanted a deliverer to lead Israel. He looked for a home where there was faith and where there was righteousness. He wanted parents with faith who prayed for their children every day. God found one family where both the parents believed in Him. The eldest son and the eldest daughter believed in God. Here was an atmosphere where a deliverer could grow. The father, mother and sister and brother covered the new born infant with prayer. They gave the babe more than food and physical care. They gave him faith and righteousness. God heard their prayer. He preserved the babe. God also gave him a good earthly education. God answered their prayer further by continuing his education after he had learnt all that there was to learn in Egypt. He was now in new surroundings where sheep were his companions. It was a wilderness. In similar places John the Baptist, Elijah and other deep men of God were educated. The proximity of men of unfaith is a great contamination. Here in the wilderness, God educated him. You receive your highest degree when you are educated by God. God said, “Come on, Moses, I remember your father’s prayers. They are all before me. I remember, I remember the promise I made to Abraham. I have seen the tears of my people. I am God and I am bound by my covenant. Remove your shoes. This is a holy place. A man perfectly educated by the Holy Spirit finds a holy place at hand. God visited him and spoke to him. He anointed him and gave him many signs to convince Israel that he had been sent by God.


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