“Thou Will Light My Candle”

Psalm 18:28

“For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.” The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. But if this is not burning, the inside of man is dark. The Spirit of God kindles the lamp in the spirit of man. This has been made possible because of the Cross of Jesus. The light of the righteous burns brighter and brighter as the days go on. As the spirit of man is lighted and the flame burns, brighter and brighter, God puts into him His power. When a man realises that every fibre of his being needs to be cleansed, washed and burned with fire and that no part of his being is worthy of God, then he will have total dependance on God. We tend to think that some part of us is really good. There Satan gets a chance to deceive us.

But God takes delight in us. As we get purified, we get charged with the love of God so that our words will have great power and find their mark to change man. As you hold the Word of God in you with the grip of faith, there will be power in you. To know the Scriptures is power. You must be so saturated with the knowledge of God that Satan cannot deceive you. A church is powerful when many members in it believe the Word. A home is powerful if many members in it believe the Word. God is seeking for an opportunity to speak to you and warn you when you meditate on the Word of God. Your main striving must be to keep the Word of God. How much are you under the authority of the Scripture?

When you are saved, it does not mean you are perfect. You are saved to be made perfect. By faith you are being purified and released from the world. Jesus had a ready answer for the temptations that came to Him. God will so prepare our personality that we have a ready answer to all temptations and thus we may be fearless. God is very gentle with us. He knows our weakness at every stage. Like a father He pities us.

With God there is plenteous redemption. Why then do you fail?— because you do not pray enough. During long hours of prayer, God gets a chance to guide you. Once Satan gave me a kind thought but a wrong thought. I had already entertained it for six months. It was deepening its roots in me. But when I chose to spend a long time in prayer, one day God took that opportunity to show me it was wrong and to take it out of me. God is zealous to increase and perfect our light.


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